Uncover the value hidden in your data

Demonstrate the impact you deliver

Create new revenue streams from your data

If you don’t use your data, you lose its value

Most businesses or non-profit organizations don’t know how best to use the data they produce to generate value for their organization. Does this sound like you?...
  • We don’t have the knowledge to determine what or how we can use our data
  • We don’t know what data has the most value
  • We don’t have the process to do anything with our data
  • We don’t know how to package or present our data in a meaningful way
  • We don’t know how to provide safe access to the data
  • Data isn’t our primary business…

Data is a superpower that every organization should be able to wield

Use data to drive new opportunities

We help you discover the data hidden within your business and show you how to monetise it.

Use data to tell your story

We show you how to uncover a story worth telling and communicate your impact using data. 

Use data to create stability

We help healthcare providers to generate self-sustaining streams of revenue.

For over 15 years the Asgard Data team has been working at the intersection between business and technology, consulting with companies and helping them to understand how to use data to drive value for their business.

“Asgard Data allows us to easily share the most recent field research data and track engagement within our community.

Before this, we had no idea who was interested in it. Now, we can answer our board’s questions about the value of the program.”

Executive Director, Conservation Nonprofit

Our Customers


We help you to understand the data you own and provide the tools you need to convert it into something meaningful

Watching your finances stagnate when you know the data you generate could bring meaningful value to your organization is painful.

At Asgard Data, we show you how to use your data to make money and demonstrate impact. We provide the tools and expertise you need to demonstrate impact to investors and generate new revenue opportunities that drive your business forward.

Here is how you can generate more business

Book a call

During an initial call we will discuss your frustrations and explain how data can be used to solve your problem.

See how your data can be used

We will show you how data can be used to create value or demonstrate impact within your organization.

Put your data to work

With a clear understanding of the data you have and the means to use it, you will watch as data becomes your new business superpower.

How much is your data worth?

Organizations generate data simply by operating.

This is how you find out whether your data is worth more than just the processes and systems that generate it...