Solve funding gaps

Demonstrate impact

Serve your community

While you continue to rely on your traditional funding approaches, you continue to limit your finances

When your healthcare charity seeks to raise funds from the same donors and sources as everyone else, this is what happens.
  • You're consistently seeking out new donors
  • Traditional campaigns and fundraisers  don’t bring enough cash
  • You rely on the same large donors time after time
  • You rely too heavily on public and private grants and subsidies

When you use your data, finding funds becomes easy

You already collect vast amounts of data, so why not use it? Using the data you generate, we help you demonstrate your impact, identify funding opportunities, and generate new revenue streams to fill your charitable funding gap.


Uncover what you do

Leverage the data you’re collecting and use it to discover exactly what you’re achieving today.


Tell your story differently

Use your data to secure grants and donations through data-driven stories.

Share reports and dashboards demonstrating the impact you make and build your community.


Increase your funds

Identify new opportunities and innovative funding streams through your data.

Using your data, we’ll make funding gaps a thing of the past

Watching funds run out as you reach the limit of your donations and grants is a worry for all healthcare charities.

At Asgard Data, we use the data that you already generate to identify missed opportunities and new sources of funds that will sustain and grow your healthcare charity.

We provide the tools and expertise you need to fine-tune your fundraising activities, demonstrate impact to donors, and generate new revenue opportunities that enable you to achieve your mission.

We will help you find the funds you need

Talk with us

Tell us your goals, and we’ll explain how your data can be used to reach your funding targets.

Find your funds

By analyzing the data you generate, we'll create a first picture that illustrates your current impact and identifies low-hanging opportunities.

Achieve your mission

With the knowledge of how to use your data, you can multiply your funding sources and find new ways to finance your mission.

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