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Helping nonprofit clients with their data

Who we serve. Your data should tell your donors and others the details about the community you serve.

Show our impact. Your data has the answers and results to the impact you are making.

Deliver on your mission. Your data is part of your mission, so bring it to bear.

We can talk about these or your specific needs to use your data (or collect the data you may need) to do similar.

Nonprofit leaders are looking at data to answer questions from their board, donors, and community partners. 

Below are a few customer stories

Asgard Data is partnering with non-profit CEOs, Executive Directors, Donor Development Executives, and Boards to use data to address questions, opportunities, and operations. Some have data to start with. Others need help to collect essential data. All recognize that having data and sharing insights makes them more effective in their missions.

Case Study: Who do we serve

Start with the data you have to answer the question

Team of young volunteers picking up litter in the park

The board and executive director of a mental health nonprofit were developing its annual strategy about the community they serve. While a handful of anecdotal stories were shared, there was limited factual insight into patient demographics; those in need versus those being served.

Asgard Data proposed to help address this and other questions around the people and services being delivered. Working with the board president, executive director, and clinical director, a list of essential questions was captured. Once the data was provided, we iterated on the questions, conducted exploratory data analysis, facilitated analytical working sessions, and derived a set of patient and services-related dashboards.

The executive director and team presented the results to the board which has led to revisions to its strategies and operations. Without these insights, the board would have focused resources on less relevant activities. The next steps include further analysis into the patient segments and community trends in order to ensure the organization's strategy and investments evolve accordingly.

Case Study: How do we show impact?

If you don't have it, there's a way to collect the data

The head of development and executive director of a community-based nonprofit was addressing challenges in donor development and retention. Feedback from past donors highlighted the issue that they needed to understand the impact of previous donations.

Asgard Data recommended they implement a practice of engaging and surveying the community members who use their services. To do so, we developed a prototype intake and periodic assessment tool where constituents would be asked a limited set of situation and sentiment questions. The prototype included a representative dashboard to convey longitudinal impact.

The prototype resulted in a demonstration project which is intended to produce the desired signals for donors. The agency recognizes without doing this work, they will continue to struggle with fundraising. Once the data starts to come in, it can be analyzed for outcomes and performance improvements as well as presented as a donor-facing dashboard.

Happy volunteer family separating donations stuffs on a sunny day

Case Study: Delivering on our mission

Data is part of the mission

Biologist testing quality of stream water

The executive director and program manager of an environmental nonprofit had been deploying resources to a multiyear citizen scientist who conducted a field study. Part of the charter was making the data available to the public, academic researchers, policy advocates, and natural resource managers, which had proven difficult based on how the data was collected and managed.

Asgard Data offered its platform to prepare and present the data to its target audience. Further, we provided data analysis and developed visualizations the organization had never seen before, which led to a better understanding of the study’s observations.

The executive director shared the newly provided access to the data and its visuals with the board and scientific advisory committee. If the study had not been made available, the board would have recommended it be discontinued. We look forward to migrating the visuals available to their website and improving their data collection tools.

How it works

1. Schedule a free consultation to understand your situation and what a solution would look like

2. Based on your needs, we can help you prepare existing or collect new data

3. You own the data so you set the rules using our platform

4. We help by exploring, analyzing, and visualizing your data

5. We host your data and the visuals for you and, if desire, your stakeholders