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You already create data products, let’s put them to work

Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but you are a data company I still recall the look on her face when I said to the executive director of the non-profit, ”well if you are using a medical record system, you are a data company.” She was taken aback. ...
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Does technology make your business successful?

Twenty years ago this month, I started down my evolution from client to consultant. I was a project lead for our company’s customer relationship management (CRM) investment. I recall the work that went into the business case including the ...
5 min read
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My client wanted to cancel her membership...

It was over coffee, and a gym owner was excited to share his recent success. I love success stories, so I leaned in. He walked me through a conversation with a client. He hated seeing her quit, so what could he lose if he didn’t probe the ...
3 min read

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ChatGPT: an opportunity to evolve how we ask questions and use data

A lot has been written and editorialized about how ChatGPT is changing everything from education to journalism and even hiring. School districts are saying students are subverting their education by using it to write papers (read: ...
3 min read
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How much is your data worth?

Organizations generate data simply by operating.

Find out whether your data is worth more than just the processes and systems that generate it...

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What data means for your 2023 goals

It’s the start of a new year and everyone seems to have an opinion on setting resolutions and goals. Some are repeats of previous years’ attempts. Some are new and outside of conventional thinking. All are anchored on a time of renewal, ...
6 min read

Data is the exposition, climax, and resolution of your business story

We get asked by established organizations how to use the data they have collected over time to build data products that can be used to address operational needs and create new opportunities. We are not often included at the beginning of a ...
4 min read
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Hello, World

The idea behind Asgard Data has been years in the making. Across our founding team, we all encountered questions in our previous organizations and serving clients such as: How do I treat my data as an asset? How much is my data worth? How ...
1 min read